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Art Class

Art After Care with the "Create Crew"


Our after school art enrichment childcare program will provide your child with a "curated" creative experience and is specially designed for elementary aged kids who love art. Monday to Friday, from drop-off up until 6:00pm.

This is a new program we are launching, we must have a minimum of 4 participants. Please check with us to see if the minimum has been met. At this time, the Irvington school district will not bus children to Art XO Studio, despite our best efforts.

Thank you for understanding.

Chose your days  2, 3, 4 or 5 days of after care!

Monthly Pricing (Includes art classes)

5 Day After Care - $700

4 Day After Care - $650

3 Day After Care - $550

2 Day After Care - $425

Children enrolled will be able to take art classes, enjoy field trips to the park and library, as well as special guest programs. The Create Crew will get to enjoy cooking and nature-based programs through partnerships with WizKids and Wayfinders. Snack will be provided. Kids will have quiet time and homework support as well. 

Our program is run by a collection of certified teachers and experts with masters degrees in the areas of visual arts education, art therapy, and special education.

Kids in Art Class
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Already have your child registered for a class, and need more time?
Check out Art Xtra Care

Art Xtra Care adds an hour of child care coverage on to your child's existing scheduled art class time at Art XO. For example, your child is taking a 3:00pm art class, now, you can add child care up until 5:00pm.

Xtra care continuing care is limited, and based on availability, and is available from 3:00pm and 6:00pm Monday to Thursday. You can select this option as an ongoing care plan (monthly), use a punchcard (sporadic use), or select a "single" this for xtra 1 hour of time, as needed.

Monthly Pricing

4 Days  - $360

3 Days - $240

2 Days - $160
1 Day - $80 (if class only meets 3 times in a month, we will roll session over)

Drop-In Pricing 
Single - $30
Punchcard 4 Uses -$100

Based on enrollment and how the schedule looks, we will make appropriate plans to keep the after care/xtra care create crew occupied.

Please make sure to email us to confirm when you wish to use this hour of child care. 

If After Care/Xtra care is full, the system will not allow you to register, first come, first served. 

After Care/Xtra Care Protocols

Calendar: We will follow the Irvington, NY Public Schools holiday calendar. After care kids can join up to 5 of our school holiday workshops/mini-camps at no additional charge, these programs run for 2-3 hours per day. We will provide up to 3 hours of coverage on half days of school, we do not offer coverage before school when there is a delayed open. We are closed for major holidays, and may not be open during breaks. 

Payment for aftercare is as follows; upon acceptance, one full month of tuition is required, and monthly installments can be automatically deducted from your credit card on the 1st of each month. Payments by check must be received by the first of the month or after care may need to be paused until payment is made.

Snack: We will provide a healthy snack each day. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions and allergies.

Illness: Children who are sick may not attend after care. Children who become sick will be isolated and must be picked up promptly. If a child misses school due to illness, they may not attend after care. If you have a monthly space, there is no credit or make up.

Inclement weather: In the event of snow, or conditions deemed dangerous conditions by authorities, we will close as recommended. If school closes for bad weather, we will not be open as a back-up option unless conditions change. Our staff comes from all directions, and municipalities, so even if conditions improve locally, we may not be able to get everyone to the studio. 

Late Pick-up: After care ends promptly at 6pm. We will need to add fees for late pick-ups. $10 for each 15 minutes of additional waiting time by our staff.

Emergencies/Fire/Lock-Downs: For the safety and wellbeing of everyone who visits the studio, we have periodic fire drills and practice lock down procedures. We have pre-arranged plans in the unlikely event these situations occur. 

First Aid/Abuse Prevention: Our staff are trained in basic life saving procedures, we have medical supplies on hand and and child doses of Epi pen/Auvi-Q onsite. We do not have a defibrillator at this time. We also consider ourselves, and are considered, mandatory reporters as educators. Staff are required to train in abuse prevention in compliance with state standards, and in an effort to be part of the solution.

Art Class
Art Class
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