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The concept of "ARTXERCISE": Pronounced (ART-ZER-SIZE)

Our program uniquely synthesizes the two practices of art and sport. The transformative benefits of creative expression and movement exercise combined has inspired us to develop a Artxercise Classes, designed for kids ages 3-12 years old, to start. The mission we are undertaking is to offer a fun, movement-based creative experience for children. 

Our program uses both large and fine motor skills, and we are mindful of the musculoskeletal connection to the movements we engage in during art-based activities. Art is a physical practice and we recognize this. Further, some of our courses will add physical movement to compliment artistic results. Seen here, we took archery and made it into a fun painting exercise - ARCHercise!


We believe arts coupled with physical exercise sharpen the mind as well as the body.
Utilizing the principles of fine art and multiple mediums we intend to introduce and explore the concept that art is in all. Further, we recognize that the process of creative art is physical and that aspect is something to consider when formulating lesson plans.

As artists, educators, and entrepreneurs  our belief is that in unison we will create a program that will grow the success of our community at large.