Artxercise (art-ZER-size): This Will Be Big

Artxercise is an arts enrichment program founded by individuals with unique ideas under the premise that doing good is feeling good. Utilizing the principles of fine art and multiple mediums we intend to introduce and explore the concept that art is in all. Further, we recognize that the process of creative art is physical and that aspect is something to consider when formulating lesson plans.

Creativity manifests in each one of us and art can be observed in the world around us. Identifiable characteristics are seen in both living and inanimate objects, by understanding the basic art element such as color, shape, texture, combined with sensation, art can create distinguishable feelings.

Our program uniquely synthesizes the two practices of art and sport. The mission we are undertaking is to offer a fun, movement-based creative experience for children. Our vision is to inspire others to live outside the box, with us.

Our program uses both large and fine motor skills, and we are mindful of the musculoskeletal connection to the movements we engage in during art-based activities. Art is already a physical practice and we recognize this. However, many of our courses add physical movement to compliment artistic results and make it fun and interactive!

We will be creating an environment that introduces art concepts by exposing imaginative young creators to the elements, principals, and wonders of both the masters (e.g. Pollak, Picasso) and even local artists. Then implementing/emulating artists, they will produce their own oversized artistic creations with the new concepts they have learned. Engaging in these activities will encourage the children the use the skills they now know to create artistic wonders.

We want to make a positive impact on physical health, and there is room for improvement when you look at the big picture. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 19.6% of children age 6-17 are obese in the United States. Having a new way to reach the creative but sedentary child is valuable. Further, we have found a way to connect the athlete and the artist in a team building activity.