Artxercise (art-ZER-size): This Will Be Big

Artxercise is an arts enrichment program founded by individuals with unique ideas under the premise that doing good is feeling good. Utilizing the principles of fine art and multiple mediums we intend to introduce and explore the concept that art is in all. Further, we recognize that the process of creative art is physical and that aspect is something to consider when formulating lesson plans.

Creativity manifests in each one of us and art can be observed in the world around us. Identifiable characteristics are seen in both living and inanimate objects, by understanding the basic art element such as color, shape, texture, combined with sensation, art can create distinguishable feelings.

Our program uniquely synthesizes the two practices of art and sport. The mission we are undertaking is to offer a fun, movement-based creative experience for children. Our vision is to inspire others to live outside the box, with us.