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Code of Conduct

Updated Septemer 2023

Art XO Studio/XO Lounge + Artcade Code of Conduct


In order for Art XO Studio/XO Lounge to be a safe space for all patrons, both physically and emotionally, we must set expectations when it comes to personal responsibility and behavior. Our code of conduct is designed to ensure that our staff, students, and visitors feel comfortable, supported and empowered. We want to clearly communicate to students (and parents) our set of principles, expectations, and rules for the studio. Students who cannot follow this policy may be dismissed from a class, or a session, without a refund as per our refund policy.


Physical behavior and touching. Keep your hands to yourself. If you do not keep your hands to yourself, and you cause a problem, you may be asked to leave. You could also be banned for a period of time or indefinitely. Other prohibited physical behaviors include but are not limited to: running, playing tag, throwing anything (unless directed), hitting, biting, scratching, slamming...etc. Visitors who become dangerous or disruptive may be removed without refund.


Food and drink. You may consume food and drink on the premises. Outside food is only allowed at private events or camps. However, you must keep tidy after having your food/drink and make sure all bag/bottles go into a trash/recycling container, not the floor.

Lost and Found. If you forget something at the XO, we will try our best to place it in outside near the Forgotten Item/Art Pick-Up area which is accessible outside XO hours. Feel free to come by and take a look, it we did not find it the same day, we can usually get it outside in our covered portico pick-up area soon after.


Art Storage. We will keep artwork for up to 30 days after it is created. Some art we happen to keep longer. The longer art is not taken, the greater the risk that it is damaged or lost. We are not responsible for art that is not taken/pick-up promptly after it is ready to go home. We try out best to storge items safely, but we are in a public space where messes are being made, and there are zero guarantees.


Damage. XO has many products, equipment and materials that we expect visitors to use responsibly and respect. Any guest who damages XO property or wastes supplies will be required (parents required) to pay for applicable costs. 


Language. Foul language is not acceptable around young kids. Let them enjoy being young and innocent as long as possible. Look around you, keep it clean when younger guests are nearby. 


Inclusiveness. Forget your drama at the door, have respect for everyone, and be ready to make new friends no matter their identity, grade, height, shade or religion. Look for what connects you, not what divides you. Its lame and divisive. We are about having fun, not being your referee bro.


Alcohol/drugs. We do not allow alcohol or illegal substances on the premises.

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