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Code of Conduct

Updated Septemer 2022

Art XO Studio Code of Conduct


In order for Art XO Studio to be a safe space for all patrons, both physically and emotionally, we must set expectations when it comes to personal responsibility and behavior. Our code of conduct is designed to ensure that our staff, students, and visitors feel comfortable, supported and empowered. We want to clearly communicate to students (and parents) our set of principles, expectations, and rules for the studio. Students who cannot follow this policy may be dismissed from a class, or a session, without a refund as per our refund policy.


Note to parents of children with extra needs: 

If your child is unable to control their behavior and emotions, please do not register them for regular art class. Students with special support needs are welcome to come to the studio with an aide or caregiver, at specified scheduled times. We want to be totally inclusive, however, we have a responsibility to teach specific information and this is not possible if we are dealing with a child who is out of control. If your child has special needs, an emotional condition, or is unable to otherwise control their behaviors in school or at home, the same thing will happen at our studio and we may have to dismiss them from class without a refund as per our refund policy. 


Class structure and procedure. We make every effort to design classes which have a comfortable age-appropriate structure. Students will be expected to remain seated, and control their bodies. Students need to expect that their attention is required at times during art class, and sometimes, they need to stop talking when the teacher asks them to be quiet. Students who repeatedly, or purposely, speak while the instructor is trying to communicate with the class will first get a warning, then we will contact parents, and if the disruption continues, a student may not be permitted to attend class. This is for the enjoyment and benefit of all students. 


Physical behavior and touching. You are expected to keep your hands to yourself. You may not touch another person, someones else’s personal items, and must keep your hands off of other people's artwork. Our artists pour their hearts into their creations, even if it looks dry, keep your hands off at all times. Other prohibited physical behaviors include but are not limited to: running, playing tag, leaving the studio without permission, crawling under the table (unless directed in an emergency), throwing anything (unless directed), hitting, biting, scratching, slamming...etc. Students/campers who become dangerous or disruptive may be removed from the program without a make-up or refund.


Food and drink. You may consume food and drink on the premises. We prefer if kids can snack before or after class, no one wants to eat pretzels covered in glitter! However, you must keep tidy after having your food/drink and make sure all bag/bottles go into a trash/recycling container, not the floor. Generally kids do not drink water bottles parents send with them during art class. If they get thirsty, we have water cups for them. More often, water bottles end up in our Lost and Found collection. We do not have any strict nut policies. We feel that nut protein is very healthy, and do not want to deprive growing children of this nourishment (this despite the founder having 2 children with nut allergies). However, if you or your child has a severe nut allergy, like an airborne nut allergy, you must send a separate email notifying us of the risk to this person if someone consumes nut based food in their presence. We will then make every attempt to protect this individual, and prevent consumption of nuts while they are on site, but we cannot guarantee someone does not have contaminated hands, clothes…etc. 


Lost and Found. If you forget something at the studio, we will try out best to place it in out Forgotten Item/Art Pick-Up area which is accessible outside studio hours. Feel free to come by and take a look, it we did not find it the same day, we can usually get it outside in our covered portico pick-up area soon after.


Art Storage. We will keep artwork for up to 30 days after it is created. Some art we happen to keep longer. The longer art is not taken, the greater the risk that it is damaged or lost. We are not responsible for art that is not taken/pick-up promptly after it is ready to go home. We try out best to storge items safely, but we are in a public space where messes are being made, and there are zero guarantees.


Damage. The art studio has many products and materials that we expect children to use responsibly and respect. Any student who damages studio property or wastes supplies will be required (parents required) to pay for applicable costs. 


Language. Foul language is not acceptable. With children of all ages, we expect all persons to keep it clean when speaking at the studio. Additionally, threats, bullying type language and judgmental commentary are prohibited. We will speak to each group at the beginning of class/camp/workshops regarding expectations for language.


Inclusiveness. In art class, everyone is your friend. Forget your differences at the door, it does not matter who your friend clique is… when you are in art class, we expect you to be open to sit next to anyone, to have respect for everyone, and to be ready to make new friends no matter their gender/non-binary identity, grade, height, shade or religeion. None of that matters, in art class, we are all about our creativity. Exclusiness kills creativity, so it is not allowed.


Alcohol/drugs. We do not allow alcohol or other substances on the premises.

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